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ILSA (the International Lung Sounds Association) provides a forum for researchers who study respiratory acoustics. We present information about developments and scientific progress in this area.

Our members are physicians, engineers and other scientists. If you are planning to be involved in any aspect of research dealing with audible acoustics of the respiratory system, or if you are already investigating respiratory sounds, please explore our web site and learn more about our Association.

Our Annual Conferences have been a successful part of ILSA for many years.

• 2012 37th Annual Conference - held in Mayo (Dr. Rasanen) on Oct. 4-5
• 2013 38th Annual Conference - held in Kyoto (Dr. Nagasaka) on Nov. 14-15
• 2014 39th Annual Conference - held in Boston (Dr. Ishikawa) on Oct. 10-11
• 2015 40th Annual Conference - held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia (Dr. Dyachenko and Dr. Korenbaum) on September 24-25

For more information on these conferences, please contact sadaishi@massmed.org (cc: sadamuishi@comcast.net).

The 2017 42nd Annual Conference will be held in Tromso, Norway, on Sep. 15-16 (Dr. Hasse Melbye)

The location has also been determined;
・2018 43rd Annual Conference - held in Los Angeles, USA

We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Download ILSA conference proceedings: all years in one zipped file 70MB